My Beauty Story

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I grew up feeling judged and criticized for being me. I felt that I was never good enough for those around me. I made sure to do everything right. Even though people praised and encouraged me I brushed it off because I didn’t believe them. No matter what I did, I didn’t feel that what I did was good enough. This took a toll on my self-esteem. Since I didn’t know what to do, I started to look around and see if I could figure out what was different between them and me. I felt that they were so much more confident than me. Thinking it was their outward appearance that made them confident. I tried to do what they were doing and survived many years this way. It wasn’t until I hit a personal low and had to come to terms that what I was doing. I was just putting on a facade and not being true to myself. I had to come to terms that I am worth being loved and worth loving myself. Ever since then I have been on a journey to find out who I am, shamelessly loving myself for living an authentic life. As I continue on this journey I continue to discover new things about myself that I love. I have realized that I am unique and there is only one me.  I can’t change how others will react or think of me. But I can choose to not let it affect how I feel about myself.

I believe everyone should have pictures of themselves that they absolutely love. I truly believe that I was given this talent to help others come to the same realization that I did… “You are beautiful! You are worth it! You are loved! You are unique!” I had so much fun getting ready for my photo session. I enjoyed going through my clothes and accessories getting ready. I also decided to go to a makeup artist and have my makeup done. I told her that my favorite facial feature was my eyes and so she dolled them up. It was reconfirmed that when I saw the photographer. She asked me if I had put on false lashes and I was proudly able to say. "These are all mine! No false lashes here!" Throughout the session, I was able to focus on myself and be me. I apprehensively decided to ask others to participate with me, as you never know what they will say. But I decided to put my insecurities aside and I asked a few people to join me in my journey. After they completed a questionnaire, we got together and shared. It was a real blessing to be able to hear what they had to say about me. We were able to reflect back to special moments in our lives together and I was able to hear what attributes they feel I possess. This will be a memory I will cherish FOREVER! It isn’t every day you are able to hear good things about yourself coming from the people you love!

I invite you to put away any insecurity you may have and let me capture who you are today. How would you like to be photographed, where will you use or display it, and is there anyone you would like to be photographed with? I invite you to a personal session with me because I see you and you are worth being seen!

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